Christmas in July

Jesse called me up a few weeks ago and asked me if I wanted to play Christmas music for Stokes Grill's Christmas in July party.  I said I'd think about it and hung up with my hands shaking in fury.

I have never really enjoyed Christmas music.  As such, the concept of Christmas in July is something I find morally offensive.  It's bad enough that we have this shit pumped through mall speakers for the fiscal quarter leading up to the holidays, now you want me to relive that nightmare during the one point of the year when I might actually forget that it's a thing?

Once you start having these types of thoughts, it makes it pretty easy to say yes.  One thing that all of Bad Custer shares is an affinity for the bizarre.  Place us in a situation that is awkward, or creepy, or horrifying in some way, and if there is more than one of us we'll likely find a way to have a good time out of it.  Add to that the fact that Stoke's Grill is Jesse's place of employment when he's not writing songs about coal miners, and we have a potent cocktail of weird to get us through the evening.

This week, we're hard at work coming up with grungy alternative chord structures for your holiday classics.  Saturday the 25th, we hope to see you wearing your mothballed Santa hats as we drink sour eggnog and summon back to this world an angry winter spirit whose slumber should be held sacrosanct.  Ho, ho, ho.


UPDATE: Maybe I'm being too hard on Christmas music.  It's really the mall stuff that gets to me, the stuff sung by women who need to wave their hands in sync with the weird voice stuff they're doing.  You know what I"m talking about.  Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas can do no wrong in my ears, and I'm a firm believer that these carols should be sung with loved ones, not piped through tinny shopping center speakers.  Maybe this won't be so bad after all!